Run more, race less

That my friends, is my 2016 running goals in a nutshell. 

I want to give less money to race directors. And run more miles than 2015. 

Maybe it’s my age, maybe I’ve finally just realized that I’m comfortable in my abilities. Maybe I’ve just decided that I really prefer long-distance running and I don’t need to run 5k or 10k anymore – unless of course it’s with friends and for a great reason. Maybe I just have too many unworn race tees. 

Even the half marathon is losing its appeal.  

I prefer the marathon. I like going slower and enjoying the ride instead of running hard and focusing more on the racing than the scenery. 

It doesn’t mean my half days are over, just that I’m not gonna book six of them this year. Lol 

2016 – the year I got picky. 🙂

So far I only have two items booked. The Goofy Challenge (in oh 5 days) and the Shires of Vermont marathon (in May). 

Nothing in between. For now. 

There are also two things I would like to achieve in 2016. 

I would like to run another ultra (or two?). And I would like to run a marathon without any walk breaks. 

I’ve come close. The most I walked in my marathon PR was about 3 minutes. But it’s still walking. 

I’ve gotten better at my pacing and  I think I can do it this year. Perhaps in May.  

I guess I just want to get better at the marathon. 🙂

So let’s recap 2015 really quick…because it kicked asphalt. 

I had set the following goals and ambitions…

I did good with my goals. I finished two marathons, one in 4:23. But I only did four halfs. I had a 5th booked but didn’t have it in me that day. And I finished one in 2:00:09. So I made the sub 2:02!

For ambitions? Got my 7:30 mile. And even a 7:14 half mile. 

And while the duathlon never materialized, the ultra did. 

And it will always be one of the best days of my life. 🙂 it was the day I woke up and said “today there is no can’t” 

I also logged 1,642.8 miles. 

So that’s it folks. No time goals this year. No specific number of races. Just quality over quantity. Cuz isn’t that how life should be?

Happy New Year my friends. And happy running!


2 thoughts on “Run more, race less

  1. Great goals! I can almost say that unless I am pacing a Half, those are kinda losing some appeal for me, too. If you’re going to run 13.1, why not just do the full 26.2, more bang for your buck, right?

    • Lol so very true. I consider 12 my “base level” long run – so, the halfs kind of lost their shine. And you’re right – for what you’d pay to race, why not do the full!

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