How I spent my recovery…

For me, the week after a marathon, recovery week, is a ‘run vacation’.

I know a lot of people can run the day after, or two days after.  And in the past, i might have tried.  But still, almost 3 years after “The Injury”, i’m careful.

And I probably always will be.  Because I would rather take a week off, than five months again.

I did get in a couple of workouts.  After two days rest (although lugging a 40 pound suitcase  around the airport, subway and train isn’t really rest) i hit the treadmill for a 3 mile walk.

During the walk I texted my sole sister to please tell me not to run.  Because when the person on either side of you is running, you don’t want to look like a slacker.  Even if you ARE wearing your 39.3 mile finisher shirt. And the lure was strong to just hit that little up arrow and break into a run.   Fortunately she talked me off the ‘run ledge’

And Friday I hit my basement elliptical for 30 minutes.  All I had time for, but enough of a workout to know that the legs were feeling run ready.

I had plans to run Saturday, but mother nature decided otherwise.  Because when you’ve developed the post-race head cold and its POURING out, you rest.

Sunday – I FINALLY got back out there for a 10k.  There was some serious black ice, so I was being careful. But I somehow scored negative splits and a 59:39 finish.   Considering the 1st mile was a 10:42, and the last .2 a 7:30 pace, that’s some serious splits.  LOL

So what did I do in between all that?  I’d love to say I slept in and shopped at lunch.  But really?  I spent more time at the kitchen table drinking coffee waiting for my brain to come back to life.  (#nosleepatdisney) And I worked through lunch.  Because three days of vacation put me a tad behind.

Also…. I joined the world of twitter.  Okay, so i’d had an account for months that I never used.  But my sister-in-law suggested it might be a good way to get this blog out to a wider audience.  (And HUGE thank you to all my followers so far.  Love you all!)  Plus it gives me a place to make little comments during the week (I figure my Facebook friends are sick of running posts…so I cut back) to a dedicated audience.  (on twitter?  find me at @wings_and_fur)

And, while I was on there… I made my dog a page.  Yes, the fur in wings and fur tweets.  Want a laugh – check out @GustheCairn.

Overall, i ended my recovery week.  But i’m ready to get back at it.  Its only like 120 (119?) days to the Shires of Vermont marathon.  And i’ve got some rebuilding to do.

Happy Monday my friends – and happy running!


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