Runner problems…

Being a runner usually means you are either running, or thinking about running. 

Especially if someone mentions running. lol 

So when you do your long run on a Saturday morning because the roads are likely to be unsafe Sunday (side note: We only got about 6 inches. Fortunately.), you find yourself sitting at the table with your coffee Sunday morning, wondering why you aren’t running. 

And you end up with your laptop. And you see the email that there’s still time to use your discount/ rebate code from the half that got cancelled last year (because of that 100″ of snow). And before you know it, you’ve registered for a late February half-marathon. 


  • This winter is WAY milder so it should be decent weather 
  • You were going to run 12 miles that day anyway, what’s 1.1 more 
  • Not racing again until May seems to long to wait
  • You have an addiction (oops)

Yeah, I know I was going to try to race less this year. And I still am. 

But it hit me, the real reason I ended up doing so many half-marathons last year was because I get bored running the same streets all the time. And running a race lets me run a different route. Where I don’t have to carry water or deal with traffic. 

And the cape is always so pretty. 

So, Hyannis half-marathon here I come. 

Besides, it’s not a race, it’s a training run for Vermont.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

Happy Monday my friends – and happy running!


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