Getting my fix 

I used to kind of be a fashionista. 

I subscribed to InStyle magazine. I once won a season of Fantasy Fashion League. 

I paired jewelry and shoes with my outfits and carefully planned what I was going to wear to work. 

And then I became a marathoner. And I suddenly cared more about my running sneakers (Brooks, always) and athleta tanks and sparkle skirts than if my peach sweater can go with my cranberry pants (tho yes, it can). 

I, of course, always am put together when I run. Race outfits coordinate down to the last detail. 

See my most recent as an example:

Even my sneakers are purple & green in the left one. 🙂 

But work? I’ve got a few go-to outfits and haven’t felt inspired to venture too far from them. 

I think once I became a marathoner my style just changed overall. And I struggled with having my casual identity and a work identity. But I could never successfully blend it on my own. 

And then I met Stitch Fix. 

My sis-in-law convinced me to try it. And I have some other friends who have had luck. So I thought, why not. 

I filled out my profile, pled my case of being a runner who needs to fill that gap between fitness-wear and office-wear. And asked for a date night look. 

Saturday, my box arrived and I opened it like it was Christmas morning. Slowly and full of hope. 

What wonders might lie beneath that tissue paper. 

And…I instantly fell in love. 

Five pieces. Five magic little pieces that not only were adorable and comfortable, but that finally got that sweet spot of style – dress sporty. 

A black blazer soft as a tee. A pair of jeans that fit like run tights. A super soft long sweater. A red dressy tank that I can’t wait to wear out. And my favorite piece in the collection… A hunter green hoodie with cool buttons that I am so going to live in. 

Seriously – a sweatshirt that would look equally adorable post gym or out to dinner?  Perfect. 

A shoutout to my stylist Gail. Thank you for getting me. And finding me things that aren’t race shirts that I actually want to wear on the weekends. 🙂

I’ll definitely be back. 


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