Winter as a runner kinda sucks.

You make plans and then mother nature throws you a curve ball.

Like hmm… it would be really fun to go out Saturday night.  Guess I better do my long run Saturday morning so I don’t have to worry about it.

And then Friday you get 10 inches of snow.  And you wake up Saturday to 19 degrees (pre-windchill) and ice all over.  And you realize that not only is a long run going to happen, NO run is going to happen.

But its so cold all day that you really don’t feel like going out Saturday night after all.

So Sunday morning is a little warmer and less icy.  But your hubby worries about you running on main streets that have no shoulders.  And you realize he’s right.

So you do the only thing you can…you run on the somewhat slippery sidewalks in your neighborhood.  Because its a 1 mile loop.

And you run it TWELVE times.

Because you know you won’t get a long run in next weekend. And you have a half-marathon in three weeks. And you can’t miss two weeks of long runs.  And your May ultra is a loop anyways, so you need the mental practice.

And somehow…you survive.

And then it snows again Monday.

And you trudge the quarter-mile across the open tundra through 2 inches of powder and 25-30mph winds to get to the gym.  Because its only February 8th.  And its going to be a long winter if you give in now.

So now its Tuesday…and it kept snowing overnight.  But i hate running on the treadmill.  So i’m heading to work with two sets of running clothes – just in case the streets are clear enough to run on.

Wish me luck….  The groundhog SO lied.  Its gonna be a long month!

Happy Tuesday my friends…and happy running.


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