I love the winter…weather

This year anyway!

Yeah okay, so we did have that one Arctic weekend and we were all ready to lynch the groundhog for lying to us. 

But gotta say, I think the little furball was right.  Because this week was stellar. 

And yeah, after last year’s winter from hell (omg the snow) this has been a welcome change. 

I’ve run outside way more (yay!) and my fleece is seeing a lot less action. 

In fact this weekend, I could have totally done without the one I wore.  It was 43 when I headed out the door. And 50 when I finished. 

One of those gorgeous days where you just have to have a little fun with your outfit. 🙂

Because it’s always fun to sparkle. (And note the total lack of snow behind me? Sweet!)

It was also one of those days I wish I had a longer long-run planned. Felt like I could have run forever.  But, as I have a “race” next weekend, kept it to the scheduled 14 miles. 

Ran neither hard nor easy…and was pleased with the results. 

Just shooting for a 2:10 half next weekend (I know, nothing crazy. Don’t wanna set the bar for the year too high. Lol) and since this week without trying I pulled a 2:09:33 half, I’d say I’m good. 🙂

Next weekend is Hyannis. The race that got cancelled last year because there was over 100″ of snow. And this year? It’s gonna be 42 and sunny on race day. 

Like I said… I love THIS winter’s weather.  ðŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!


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