You’re the run that I want…

I know – now you’ve got that song stuck in your head. Lol

It’s true tho…this weekend’s Hyannis Half was exactly the run that I wanted. 

As my half-marathon paces started to slow over the course of 2015 I knew that it was because distance and speed aren’t always friends. And that it was okay. Because I’m not slow, I’m just a marathoner. And an ultra girl. 

Since I spent the last couple months training for Goofy and the month since recovering, I had no idea what this race would be. 

So my time goal going into it was a reasonable “I know I can do it fairly easily” 2:10 finish. Something that maybe my brother can pull off this year too so we can get an earlier start corral for Disney 2017. 😉 (yep, always looking ahead)

Gotta say I both loved and hated the 10am start. Loved it because it meant I could sleep til 6:30, have breakfast and drive down to get my stuff right before the race. Hated it because, well, I had all morning to worry/not worry. 

And the expo was a zoo on race morning. I had to navigate a sea of people to get my bib. And stand in a giant line to get my shirt. Then try not to let claustrophobia win as I followed the crowd slowly down the narrow hallway to get back outside. Eek. 

Weather was gorgeous tho. And I didn’t mind hanging around outside for the half hour or so before the start.  Petting cute dogs (mine included) and making casual conversation with a bunch of runners. 

And, as usual, I found a new friend to chat with in the corral. A woman running the 10k because it fit into her half-iron training plan. Someone who has run the ultra I plan to do later this year, and had some great stories. I’m just sorry I forgot to ask her name. Cuz she was pretty cool and I have a feeling I will run into her somewhere in the future. 

The race itself was awesome. It was a good sized field, but after the first mile I had plenty of room to move.  

I chatted with random people here and there and I soaked in the scenery – the ocean is so pretty, even in the winter. And I kept wishing i’d worn something lighter than a fleece. (Melting!)

Apparently 45 and sunny feels a lot warmer than I expected. 🙂

I woofed at a fair number of dogs. Took lots of compliments on my skirt. Refused to look at my watch. And just smiled. 

When we passed where the 10k course split off the woman next to me joked about taking the short cut. And at that point I couldn’t blame her. I was roasting. 

But I was still passing people up hills. And there were a LOT of hills, especially in the second half. Not huge hills (overall elevation chart said the biggest was 60 feet), just constant. 

And around mile 9 I was starting to hurt. Not bad. Just enough that I knew I was running it faster than I thought I was going to.  

And as I was about to start the mind games “do I slow down? do I push through?” A woman pulled up alongside and asked if I was running the half or full. And explained I’d been her rabbit the past couple of miles. (Ego boost! I’m not used to being anyone’s rabbit. Lol)  we chatted a bit and kept pace with each other until we hit the next water stop and I stopped to snag a Gatorade. 

Side note: it’s funny – when I train 14 miles or less I’m a no gel, no water runner. But when I’m racing and it’s sunny, I so start to dehydrate. 

That 5 second break did wonders and helped me resume pace without pushing or needing to slow. 

And I was totally on auto pilot those last three miles. I originally (in training) had thoughts of running the first 10 easy and racing the last three. But I had run the first 10 too hard and now just needed to hold on. 

I grabbed a second Gatorade at mile 11. Just to be safe. And then knew I’d be good to the end. 

And then mile 12, when I know I’m fading, I spot a photographer. Being wide open coming at him I went into sprint mode, just til I passed him. Because, photo op. Lol

We wound through the neighborhoods that last mile. And I hung in. And passing the mile 26 marker for the full, I started to speed a little. 

We entered the fenced off area and a runner in a Boston marathon shirt was in front of me. I called out “Come on Boston. Don’t let me pass you.”  He turned and laughed, but surged a bit. 

And I kept my eyes peeled for my guys. And spotted Gus a half second before Kevin. Called out hellos to them both…then sprinted full speed past Boston guy to the finish. 🙂 grinning all the way. 

And then, and only then, did I look at my watch. Which read 2:05:36. Ummm what?!!?

Seriously? Where did that come from. 

Guess it’s true. When that bib gets pinned on, the speed follows. 

Sure, it’s still slower than last year.  But I was still rebuilding from Disney. And I was definitely not half-training. So I am stoked. 

Beating your “goal” by 5 minutes always rocks. 

And the icing on the cake? Accidentally meeting a woman who won the Boston marathon in the 70’s (didn’t realize it was her til after) who told me she’d seen me out on the course and loved my purple sparkle skirt. 

I told her I just liked to have fun when I run. And she told me that was very important. 🙂

Post race celebration? A margarita and a walk on the beach.  

It was a good day. 

Obligatory post race pic – you can see Gus in the back window. Aww   

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!


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