Best Buddies

It’s all about the accessories.

Whether it’s in running, or biking or life in general, it’s those little extra accents that make it.

As a runner, I’m a little bit gear obsessed.

I have my go-to’s, like my purple garmin and my purple road id and sparkle skirts in all kinds of colors.

But then there’s the things I’ve tried and rejected. I have a section of my closet that’s a graveyard of rejected belts and armbands and hydration carriers. Because nothing has ever worked right. It bounces. It slides. It just generally annoyed me.

And I still hadn’t found the ideal way to carry my phone and gels outside of the back pocket of a pair of shorts.

And then one day last summer one of those ads popped up on Facebook advertising something I had never seen.

The Running Buddy. A magnetic pouch that hooks over your waistband to carry your stuff. Reasonably priced and available with pink trim? Sure – let’s try this thing.

And oh. Wow.

My first run with my new buddy was on vacation in Hilton Head. On the beach, in the rain. I finished it completely drenched. And everything in buddy was safe and dry. Cool!

I loved it so much I wrote the company (Something I had NEVER done). And they offered me a position as an ambassador. Which means I get to spread buddy awareness and love – something I would have done anyway. And, I have access to insider info… like when the new one comes out (still hoping for purple!).

Buddy is amazing… It doesn’t move. It doesn’t bounce. I barely know its there. And over time my buddy family has grown. If I’m running, odds are one of my buddies is with me.

Buddy has crossed the finish line of several races, including the Adirondack Marathon and the Goofy Challenge.

Wanna meet them? 

 There’s the H2O – holds a 7-oz bottle (included), which is perfect for a shorter run, or someone like me who never drinks on a run unless with with gel.

Next is the Mini – don’t let its little size fool you. This buddy holds lots (see my Halloween pic. LOL) Great for small stuff like keys, credit cards, cash, dog waste bags (unused of course). even fits a headlamp! 

 Then the XL – this is my go-to buddy. Holds my giant iphone (tho won’t fit an otterbox) and lots of gels, or my small gloves, or anything I can think of to carry on the run.

And the Clutch – my “dress buddy”. Perfect for date night, it holds my phone and evening essentials (gloss, credit card, money). And its SO pretty!

Finally – the newest member of my buddy family. The Brite. This little thing hooks onto the heel of your shoe and makes you that much more visible for morning or evening runs. Visiblity and safety are key. And its so light you won’t notice it. 

 Wonder what i’ll add next! 🙂

So, are you a member of team buddy? Tell me. and let me know your favorite.

If you’re not – come join us! You’ll be glad you did…

Check it out at

Happy Running Friends!


4 thoughts on “Best Buddies

  1. Cathy Bellamy says:

    I’m waiting for purple too. Lol. All the above matches my sentiments exactly!! Was so tired of bouncy, pinchy, saggy, annoying belts and bands. This is my favorite line of accessories and I tell anyone that will listen!! I’m also an Ambassador!!

  2. Terri Redmond says:

    What about the magnet and credit cards? I’m concerned about demagnetizing essential cards. I have a large buddy and hesitate to use it.

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