Second Guessing

So two months from today is my next “big” race.  The Mother’s Day Six Hour in Topsfield. 

And I have second guessed myself on this oh, bout five times. Lol

Because it wasn’t my first choice. I really really wanted to run Shires of Vermont.  And fate took that out of the options. 

The Six Hour was something I had looked at before. And kept in the back of my head. Because it benefits a Breast Cancer Center.  And my friend / hairdresser (Love you Jess!) got diagnosed last year. It’s something I can do to support her. 

But this…is totally out of my comfort zone. And I keep waffling on it. For the following reasons (but not good enough reasons)…

It’s trail. (But beginner trail, flat, easy)

In a place I’ve never been.  (So new course!) 

And what if I can’t fit a 50k into six hours? (Then it’s a marathon)

There’s no medal (like you need more? At least there’s a shirt!)

And every time I second guess myself I look for race alternatives… Something that doesn’t involve an overnight trip, so nearby. 

Options I’ve reviewed and rejected include:

Providence marathon – Been there, done that, got a pr. So I have no interest in running that again. 

Fighting Seabee’s marathon – ran the half last year. Flat and fast…but kinda boring. It’s in an industrial park. And it doesn’t excite me. 

Rhode Island Red 50k – not too far away, starts early, paved, but it’s a “fat ass”. So no shirt, no bib, no medal. I am okay with no frills, but there needs to be tangible proof beyond my garmin record. Lol

So really, there are no other options. 

Fate dropped this in my lap.  And because my friend is fighting through this, I need to too. 

I am just going to woman up, find some trails to practice on, stop making excuses, and train hard.  

And in two months, I will put on my pink sparkle skirt and get it done. 🙂

Happy Tuesday friends! And happy running. 


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