Happy trails…

I was feeling brave this weekend. 

I blame the tequila for the first of it. Friday night, half-way through a margarita and watching a commercial for a local ski mountain, I declared to Kevin that come next winter I would take ski lessons. That way he would have someone to ski with and could go more. 

Those that know me will find this hilarious. I am the original klutz and have spent years declaring that I don’t ski because I’d probably break something. 

But here I am, with a birthday on the near horizon, realizing that I’m not getting any younger and it’s time to make the most of what’s ahead. 

Saturday, armed with this new bold attitude I decided to do something else I’ve never done. I went trail running. 

There’s a 1.1 mile looped trail smack dab in the middle of my favorite 4.5 mile running loop. And I’ve spent many a run going “wonder what’s in there.”  It was time to find out. 

Plus, there’s the whole “my next ultra involves some trail” thing. So by conquering my fear of tripping on a rock or a tree branch now, it will make the rest of my training easier.  🙂

So…with the plan to do at least 3 loops, and my ears and eyes wide open, I took a breath and headed it. 

And wondered why I had waited so long. 
Because I gotta tell ya…that was AWESOME. 

It was quiet. And calm. And scenic. And only slightly muddy.   

It asked for just a little agility. And was so unlike any running i had done before. I didn’t  care how fast or slow I was going. And I didn’t want it to end. 

I was watching the chipmunks scamper and listening to the cardinals “marco” “polo” call and response. 

And I found an awesome stone wall.  

I had the trail to myself, immersed in nature. Feeling exhilarated. 
 The face of a happy new trail runner… 🙂 
And when I hit the end of the loop to the sidewalk and back to the trail start, I felt like I had just gotten off a killer roller coaster that I couldn’t wait to ride again. 

And I did…5 times. 🙂

By the end of that 5th loop, I was starting to catch my toes on random rocks and knew it was time to get back on the road to home. 

At which point my body was like “what is this pavement garbage” and “where are the trees” 

I’m not saying I am going to suddenly become a trail animal. Because road running is my steak and potatoes. But the trail? It’s an ice cream sundae. A sweet yummy treat that I will indulge in here and there. 

Because I’m no longer afraid of it. Instead, I’m in love. Everyone needs a little time in nature. It’s good for the soul. And the sole. 

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy trails!


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