Staring contest 

I freaking love animals.  

I will pet, talk to, bark at, or at least acknowledge any animal I encounter, especially during a run. 

And when it’s something exotic? Totally makes my day. 

Seriously – some of my favorite runs are not those where I’ve hit a PR or some crazy negative splits or logged a new mileage (although those are all great too) – it’s the ones where I see deer, or a fisher cat or a flock of wild turkeys (all happened). 

Yesterday was a scheduled 18 mile training run.  And cold for the first day of spring.

I wasn’t entirely sure of my route when I headed out the door.  Just a general idea. A long loop with a 3 mile loop embedded it it, done as many times as it fit. 

And right before I hit the start of that loop I passed a field where I could tell there was a critter from back a little ways. Turned out to be a fox. Cool!! I stopped and watched him for a moment. Smiled and continued on. 

When I came back by at the end, passing that same field it was empty. And I was kind of disappointed. But the next pass on the loop I did see three sets of bird on a pond – two swans, two ducks and two Canadian geese. Bet it’s only a matter of time until those couples are families. Aah spring. Lol   

And, as I finished that second loop, my fox was back in the field. And this time he saw me. 

I was due for a gel in a 1/4 mile anyways, so I stopped to have it. And watched him watching me. (He’s a little too far out for a clear pic, but I tried).   

I probably stood there for a full five minutes. He seemed as fascinated by me as I was by him. Love how curious some animals are. 

I so could have stayed for longer, but I had five miles to go. So I wished him a good day and finished my run smiling. 

And when I got home, opened the door with a “sorry, I would have been home sooner, but I had a staring contest with a fox” 😀

Happy Monday my friends. And happy spring running! 


2 thoughts on “Staring contest 

  1. Oh thank the lord its not just me – I talk to animals as I run past them, bidding them good afternoon/morning whatever. I actually apologise if I have to run through them and know they will scatter. I make animal noises as I run past them too, moo for a cow, baaa for a sheep though I never actually do horsey noises, they look far too intelligent and will just sneer at my attempts to communicate

    • Lol no you are not alone. Animals are people too, and deserve a proper greeting. 🙂 I love that you attempt to speak their language! And yes, you are right on horses. Those I simply give a “hello beautiful” to. 🙂

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