Change of Plans

Remember how I was waffling on my May race? Well…I talk a good game, but reality set in. 

One simply does not run 30 miles of trail with only 5 miles of practice.  It’s not smart. 

And if there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s to not be stupid. And to trust my instincts. Which were saying “girl…are you really sure about this???”

Especially where I wasn’t even registered yet (not my fault, it hadn’t open registration yet – really small race). 

So…time for Plan C! (Because the trail race was plan B to the original plan. Lol)

I’m going back to Providence For marathon #10! 

Providence has been good to me in the past. It’s where I ran my first half. It’s where I coached my aunt through her first half. And it’s where, last year, I set my marathon PR. 

I’m not at PR paces this year. Because I didn’t train for it. I’ve been training for endurance. And I’m using that to set a new goal. One I’ve always wanted to achieve…

No walking. I came close in a couple. Cape Cod I made it about 21 (22?) miles before the first small walk break. And Providence last year only had a couple. (Damn those hills!) But I’ve never not taken one. 

My goal is to start easy (no going out with the crowd), stay easy, and just keep running. 

I registered yesterday, and I’m feeling good about my decision. So I know it’s the right one. 

I got this… and May 1st I will prove it. 🙂


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