Running in the rain

This weekend’s weather sucked. Especially for marathon training. 

I had two options…run my usual Sunday morning in potential 30 degrees, snow and 25 mph winds, or run Saturday in near 50, calm and chance of run. 

Obviously I chose Saturday.  And looking back, despite how absurd of a run it was, it was still the right choice as this was Sunday morning… 

 What is this…a belated April Fools Prank? No thanks!

It was nice when I started on Saturday. 48 and overcast but not yet raining. And I was just hoping to get in as many miles as I could before that changed. 

I got in 8. Of 20.1. 

I had two goals during my run…to go slow and easy and not take walk breaks. And to run as many hills as I could find. And I did both.  

Like my elevation chart? 

 I also hit those goals with squishy feet, cold hands and surprisingly, no blisters. 🙂

Here’s a few things I learned…

  • The larger the puddle you are about to encounter, the higher the probability there will be a car coming, forcing you into it. 
  • Opening a packet of gel is nearly impossible when you can’t feel your fingers. 
  • My favorite Red Sox hat is not waterproof.
  • My running buddy, however,  is. (My phone was the only thing dry post run)
  • Wet compression socks are best removed inside out. 
  • Smiling during miserable conditions make them less miserable. 
  • Humor is a valuable resource.  When I stopped at mile 16 to attempt to eat my gel, I was laughing so hard at just how ridiculous I must have looked. And so didn’t care what anyone who passed by would have thought in that moment. 

But the most important thing I learned? Running 20 miles in the rain makes you feel totally badass. 🙂

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!!


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