This week was my birthday.  Which means it was full of milestones.

Like my last run at my prior age, my first run at my new age, my first long run at my new age…etc.  ðŸ™‚

A friend sent me a funny pic… 


And while this isn’t a “new age group year”, it is the last one in my current.  Which means i’m one of the ‘old people’ in my age group and stand NO change of placing.  LOL  (As if I ever do anyway…)

Of course, that’s a good thing…pressure is off.  I can run however slow I want to and it won’t matter right?  ðŸ™‚

Which is good – because i’m standing by my goal of no walk breaks during the Providence marathon.

And this is likely going to be more mentally difficult that physical. My body likes to push when i’m tired.  And pushing leads to a higher heart rate, which leads to wanting/needing to walk to lower it.   I need my brain to take over my legs and keep them easy.

I am going to need to not look at my watch when it beeps the miles.  I need to not know my pace in order to be comfortable with a slow one.

So Sunday, on my 12-mile “shorter, long run” that was what I practiced. I purposely didn’t look at my watch.  I ran easy and I slowed myself down when I felt like I was starting to push.  Which was a few times.  I tried to be present.  Until the end…when my watch beeped mile 12 and i ran full out to the end of the corner – because I LOVE to kick.  (6:13 pace? Ooh yeah – even if it is only for 10 seconds.  LOL)

And overall?  I don’t hate my average pace. 

 Next weekend will be more of a test…Sunday will be my final long-long before taper starts.  And if I can pull off another slow and steady run, then I know… on May 1st, I will hit a new milestone.

Happy Tuesday my friends – and happy running!


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