Two Week Taper

I’m not sure who decided a marathon taper is supposed to be three weeks long. But quite frankly, it doesn’t work for me. 

And not just because you spend taper running less, eating more and just freaking out that you haven’t trained enough (you have…you always have). 

It’s because it’s awkward. 

I follow a marathon training plan of my own design. It’s a hybrid of a few expert plans and one that has so far served me well. 

And it’s based on alternating short-long runs (12 milers) with long-long runs building from 16 to 22. 

My body craves routine. It does well on this plan because it knows what’s coming.

And if I was to give it that extra week it would be very confused. It would expect the race on a day with like 8 miles scheduled. And then come race day it would have no idea what to do. 

So…Sunday morning was my final long run. A 22-mile “dress rehearsal” for Providence. 

I plotted out a new route I’ve never run, one with some hills speckled in.. 

(because Providence is not as flat as you’d think and I needed the practice)

My focus was on constant effort on the hills, keeping my pace easy, not walking, and practicing fueling. 

And it all went pretty well… For a while. 

Problem #1 – it was 35 when I started and 60 when I finished. While I tried to dress accordingly, I still missed the mark and got really overheated. 

Problem #2 – I didn’t carry water. And I didn’t carry money for water. And the town water fountains are not turned on yet. 😦 

By mile 18 I was roasting and dehydrated and had no idea how I was going to keep going.  Somehow I did.  

At mile 21, I considered stopping. Instead I walked for about 45 seconds and started running again. I walked three times that last mile. All briefly. But just enough to make me question whether or not I will be able to run the whole thing in Providence. 

However….my overall pace was really pretty good. For someone who has no finish time goal.   

So maybe it doesn’t matter if I can run it all or not. Maybe if I just shoot for a 4:44 or something it’s good enough.  Got some thinking to do. 

But…at least I only have two weeks (12 days now) to stress over it! 

Happy Taper Tuesday! And happy running my friends. 🙂


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