Easy like Sunday morning…

Sunday morning was my last “long” run before the upcoming Providence marathon. 

And I had two ways I could play it… Fast and strong, or easy breezy. 

I choose easy. 

Because one week out? There’s no reason to run hard. The work is done and all running it strong can do is give you more to recover from. 🙂 Just gotta be patient and save it for race day. 

I picked a nice loop with a few easy hills, put on my best smile, and decided to practice constant effort throughout the run, especially on the hills.  Which I know will be HUGELY important on race day. 

It was mid-40’s and sunny with a gorgeous clear blue sky. One of those days meant for enjoying the outdoors.  And I was having a blast. 

Said hi to the goats at mile 5. Admired the waterfall at mile 7. Just soaked it all in and ran happy. 

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do during Taper? Get the most out of every mile because they are fewer of them?

And at mile 11… I passed a playground and couldn’t resist. I stopped to swing for a minute.  

Because when you’re having fun…you go all out. 
I really enjoyed that run. And, as easy as I went, it was oddly faster than my “goal” pace for the marathon. 

So I think what I learned this week is: 

  • Smiling makes runs easier
  • Enjoying the scenery makes the miles fly by
  • You’re never as slow as you think you are
  • How taper affects you is all in your head.  So taper happy

With just five days to go, I’m feeling ready. And looking forward to toeing the start line of my 10th marathon.

Just gotta figure out what to wear. Lol

Providence here I come!! 


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