Meatless May…an adventure in vegetarianism

I love meat.  I really do – there’s nothing like a well-cooked burger right off the grill in the summer.

But its not exactly the healthiest thing in the world.  And my hubby and I have hit a point in our lives where we’re trying to finally clean up the remaining gunk in our diets.

We eat fairly healthy…but there is always room for improvement.  So… we’re trying something new.  We’re trying mostly vegetarian (as a celiac with bad bones I need my dairy) for the month.

Meatless May actually started in late April, the week leading up to the Providence marathon.  I wanted to just eat as clean as possible, to help me achieve my race goal.  And I just sort of kept going.  Now, its a quest…can I go meatless through the end of May?

So far, I don’t miss it at all.  And i’m having fun experimenting with new recipes and incorporating as may superfoods as I can into our diets.   (Kale, bean & tofu soup? surprisingly delicious).  Salad with avocado, beets and walnuts?  Yes, please.

There are SO many fun things out there if you look.  I’m actually embracing kale and have eaten more beans and fish in the past couple weeks than I had in couple years. Lol

And I can feel the difference.

I’m in that lull as a runner right now, where I just finished my spring race and its 101 days to my summer one (Anchor Down Ultra – woohoo!) so its the important rebuilding period.

I think this is going to help keep me focused and healthy and allow me to train my best. Because Anchor Down is a twelve-hour race. And I want to be well-prepared. 

So, if come memorial day you see my sinking my teeth into a burger – don’t worry, its probably a veggie one.  ;o)

Happy Tuesday my friends – and happy running!


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