Back in the Game

I envy runners who don’t need breaks after a marathon.  You know – those amazingly talented people who join the maniacs and eat marathons like they’re m&m’s.

But if there is anything my body has taught me the past few years, its that, much like m&m’s, marathons and the high-mileage weeks leading up to them, are a treat.  Something I can only have 2-3 times a year.

So after my personal triumph in Providence…I took FIVE DAYS OFF.  Well from running.  Because i just can’t be idle.  So I biked and I walked and I rested.  And then finally, that Friday I ran. And it was glorious.

And then still, I eased back into it.This past week I ran a whopping 16 miles total.  Half of a typical week. It was all I could fit in to my schedule, and yet, all I wanted to. It was followed by two full days of rest, and then finally…..a ‘long’ run.

Sunday was a glorious 10 miler.  And it was one of those treats of a run where, because its still 90+ days till my next race, pace didn’t matter.

Which is good because there was some insane wind… like the 30mph gust that caught me on an uphill trying to push me back down it.  And all I did was laugh…because it really was funny.

And at some point during the run, it felt awesome and my speed crept up and my stride opened up and I went for it…  my last four miles were negative splits.  With an 8:08 average for that last .1.  Woohoo!

Yes, I am back in the game.

Which is good….because my next race is a big one.  The Anchor Down 12-hour.  In August. Overnight. With some trail. And at least 40 miles.  Hopefully 50.  Maybe more.

But this one will be fun…its with friends.  And will be a grand adventure.

I’ve just got a lot of practice to do. 🙂

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!



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