Get lost

Sometimes, to find yourself again, you need to get lost.

I was having a bad week…just stress from a variety of sources and I could tell I was nearing the edge of where I just couldn’t adult any more.  So I reached out to my bestie to see if she’d take me trail running.

Because a good friend, some trees and some miles can always make the world right again.  

  You may recall i’ve had very limited trail experience (5 miles of the same 1 mile loop).  And, my August ultra will be almost half trail. So in addition to needing a sympathetic ear, I also needed some practice not getting injured by rocks and roots.  LOL

So, Friday morning we explored a local state park.  And it was EXACTLY what I needed.   

 Winding trails both narrow and wide.  Some hills, some dirt, some grass, some fallen trees.  And, a fox and a box turtle. 

Yes, I did fall once.  But no damage.  Dirt is a lot more forgiving than pavement.

We climbed, we crossed streams, we went down a couple of steep crazy hills and we laughed.  We randomly picked directions at every intersection.  And we totally got lost.  

 And yet, after a couple of hours, we somehow managed to find our way back to the entrance.  

Thank goodness for trail maps and gps phones.  LOL As my friend said, we are SO not ready for the Barkleys.  🙂

While I haven’t quite earned trail animal status yet…I did leave those woods feeling a lot lighter than I went in.   

 Lost…and found.



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