Beautiful days…

Some days you notice the beauty on your own. And some days you need a reminder to look for it. 
We had company coming for the holiday weekend, so I snuck out early Saturday (like 6:30 early) for a long run, fueled only by coffee and a plan to see if I could last 13-14 miles on it. 🙂 it’s less than 50 days to my attempt at 50 miles (woohoo!) and I don’t have time to miss any runs. 

It was cool out (yay!) and as I hit the end of my drive I saw a runner coming back from her run (how early was she up?) and we exchanged smiles. 

And barely a half-mile in, I noticed they had cleared the brush by the river, and one of my favorite spots of “graffiti” was uncovered.  

Yep, that sounds like good a plan. I would have a beautiful day. 🙂

And, armed with this perspective I really noticed my surroundings. In fact, between miles one and two I saw this guy… 

Sitting in a water hazard at the local golf course. 

And this guy… 

Having breakfast at the edge of someone’s driveway. I also saw three bunnies. Wow. 

Love my animal sightings. And it helped in the later miles, when the “coffee fuel” ran out and the sun rose. I thought of the heron and the deer and smiled and persevered. 

At the end, returning home at 9am as promised, I had logged 13.55 miles. At a nice easy “ultra training” pace. 

And the rest of the weekend was great too – even got out for a steamy four-mile run on the 4th!

Back to work today – and it’s gonna be a busy one. But, I plan to make sure it’s a beautiful one. 

Happy Tuesday my friends.  And happy running! 


2 thoughts on “Beautiful days…

  1. Fantastic! Theres a heron where I run but he always buggers off as soon as I reach for the camera. Well done on capturing that one plus bonus deer!

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