Sometimes, you need a sign from the universe to remind you of who you are. 

You see, my husband had surgery this week. And in a flash, I went from wife/ workaholic/ultra runner in training to wife/ advocate/helper/worrier. 

I immediately changed my priorities with no regrets. I spent two days with no sleep, little food and lots of stress and worries. 

And in that daze of exhaustion and altered focus I started to question everything. 

Like, am I being crazy and selfish to even think about running an ultra in three weeks, when the most important person in my life is going through something traumatic? 

I felt guilty even thinking about trying to sneak out for a run. Also thinking that if I did go out, I’d be worried and stressed hoping he’s okay that hour I left him alone. 

It took my bestie to remind me of one very simple fact. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of him. 

And then a sign from above. A simple, cheap charm I found on the ground while walking my dog.  

 Because my race is the anchor down ultra. 
And yes, it may be slightly selfish, but I need it. And it’s meant to be. And I know, that several hours in when I start to struggle, I can think of my hunny, and draw strength from how amazing he is. 
He is my anchor. The thing that keeps me grounded so I can attempt the crazy and near-impossible.  And in three weeks when I finish my race, he’ll be there both shaking his head and smiling. 🙂


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