The stages of taper

So…it’s mere days until the Anchor Down Ultra, which means I’ve hit my least favorite taper stage. The full on freak out. 🙂

Every time I taper for a big race, I go through the same stages…

  • Relief 😑
  • Relaxation 😌
  • Second Guessing 🤔
  • Full on Freak Out 😱
  • Nesting 🙂
  • Confidence 😀
  • Excitement 😬

Relief – the hay is in the barn, the long runs are over, and now, it’s just “do no harm” time.

Relaxation – get a massage, read more books, take the dog on longer walks, breathe.

Second Guessing – this usually comes about 4 or 5 days in. The “did I do enough long runs”, “have I practiced pacing/fueling/time of day/weather” and is shortly followed by where I am now…

Full on Freak Out – this is the “I’m up next on the roller coaster and I don’t think I can go through with it” stage. The “I’m insane and what was I thinking registering” phase. Where I question everything, and get seriously cranky. 

My apologies to all my family and friends – the next 24 hours may be a little rough. 

And then, when it passes and I calm back down, we start the next phase. 

Nesting – getting organized. Making a race day packing list, picking out an outfit. And a spare. Setting things in little piles and making list after list. It’s really a fun stage. And with that complete

Confidence – why was I so foolishly freaking out? It’s not the first time I’ve done something insane. I trained as best as I could. And I am good at being flexible if stuff goes weird out there. It’s all good…

Excitement – lets go!!!! Are we there yet? I wanna run. I wanna earn another shiny hunk of metal for my wall. Are we there yet? Please ?!!? Put me in coach – I’m ready to play. 

As I write this…I’ve got just under 4 days & 12 hours to go. And three more stages. Lol 

Really looking forward to moving through them, and on to Colt State Park. 

Because I am ready to drop anchor ⚓️ set up camp 🏕 and run all night 🏃!! 


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