Off season 

Every sport has one. It’s a chance for the athletes to rest, relax and then rebuild. 

Even elite runners have them. They set their goal races, compete, and then take time to recover. 

So….why, in three years, haven’t I taken a real one? Just a week or two before rebuilding for the next race. 

Who do I think I am that I can just keep booking big events a few months apart and have time to do them all well? Am I happy with the slower paces I’ve fallen into? 

Cuz I’ll tell ya, my brain and my body have sorta stopped speaking to each other. I’ve gotten a serious case of runners block. You know – where your body is all “let’s run” and my brain is all “don’t make me go out there. It won’t be pretty.”

Like Friday, when I took a vacation day so I could get in my long run before a trip to NH. And when it came time to run…I almost didn’t. I had to remind myself I took the day to run and I was gonna do it. It was a struggle, but I got it done. 

Then Monday, we got home early enough that I could have fit in a run. But I opted for a walk with my hubby instead. I just didn’t want to run. 

So I think it’s time to be realistic with myself. I think it’s time to re-evaluate my fall schedule and scale back. I need an offseason. 

See, it’s 85 days to WDW marathon weekend. And I have TONS of time. 

I was trying to advance the schedule so I could participate in a 6-hour event in November with some friends. But I’m not so sure I’m ready. 

I think I need to keep October shorter and then start the big Goofy training in November. 

I’ll just focus now on speed – since you know it’s dark and cold and gonna be a treadmill week. And then rebuild past 14 miles when my brain and body BOTH want to. 
That said…I have a half marathon coming up Sunday. I don’t expect to race it well. But I think it will be good for me anyway. It’s a new course and perhaps being in the company of other runners will give me a kickstart. 

Wish me luck anyway…cuz we all know words are words, and pinning on a bib causes action. 

Happy Tuesday my friends – and happy running. 


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