Magic in the air…and time to practice

Can ya feel it? Less than two months and the pull of the Mouse-force grows. ๐Ÿ˜€

In just 56 days I’ll be back in the happiest place on earth about to take on 42.4 miles. Not counting the endless ones I will cover in the parks. (Disney is an ultra in its own right.)

So how is my training going? Quite well, thank you. I got in a great 14 miler on Sunday.  (Let the mileage increase!)

And I’ve really been hitting the strength training (ow the glutes!) which made this mornings run a little stiff. But I know by the time I “get goofy” it will pay off in spades. 

So…this week’s helpful hints for running Disney? Practice, practice, practice. 

  • Practice your fueling – know that Disney will offer Powerade on course. It’s different from the Gatorade you’re likely used to having. Try it out, because the last thing you want is cramps mid race. 
  • Practice in your race gear –  using a buddy pouch? Running in/with accessories (wings? Lightsaber?)? Try them out. See how it will feel. (Note…my new Merida bow won’t fit in my carry on. Darn…oh well, I think 13.1 miles in it might have annoyed me. Lol but it was great for Halloween!)
  • Practice your pace – are you a run/walker? Do you think you’ll be walking some of the marathon or stopping for photo ops? Try it out in training. See what 5 minutes of waiting in line for that pic with Snow White will feel like mid race. Will the rest help your pace? Or blow it for you? (Which…is sometimes worth it. If you’re running Disney to PR, you’re doing it wrong. Lol)

Hope everyone else running in January is having a great time training too!!  


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