Seven Weeks & Seven Songs…let’s marath-on!

And just like that we’re one week closer. 49 days to Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

Getting excited yet? I sure am!! 😁

Training is still going great…run, lift, rest, repeat.  This week was just a 12 mile long run. Nice and easy and right on pace. 😀 And i’m looking forward to a sweet 16 on Sunday.

Hope you all enjoyed last week’s helpful tips. And this week, in honor of the 7 week mark, I bring you 7 songs…Disney songs of course…that best describe running Disney.

This is by no means a playlist, more the Marathon told by songs. 😀🏃🏻‍♀️❤️

  • Be Prepared – this one is pretty obvious. Train, plan, organize, and be ready to roll bright and early race morning. (Or should I say dark & early?  Either way…the pixie dust will be flowing and you won’t even notice.)
  • Heigh-Ho – it’s race morning. Off to work we go!
  • Let it Go – I always say no matter how well you prepare, you can’t prepare for everything. Weird things happen race day. Be it weather, or a cold, or that runner cutting you off on course.  It happens. Let it Go. Don’t let whatever it is ruin your race.
  • Life is a Highway – You will spend a chunk of time running Disney’s ‘highways’.  Its okay, because its wide and open and full of entertainment!  Characters and Pirate Ships and Army Men and whatnot.  The portion not in the parks is no less quality than the miles that are.
  • Go The Distance – Whatever distance you’ve chosen for race weekend, know that you got this.  Its all you.  You can…go the distance! (Even if at like mile 21 you’re tired and have stones in your shoes from running the warning track and you just wanna quit.  Just keep swimming…er running.)
  • It’s a Small World – The World Showcase never looked so good.  When you get there and you know you’ve got just 1.2 miles left, you celebrate and let the crowds carry you.  That last mile is pure adrenaline. And…a small world after all
  • Hakuna Matata – No worries! Because Disney is truly the most magical race on earth. And your run will be the experience of a lifetime.  So breathe deep, smile for the photographers and let this problem free philosophy be your guide through the miles. 

There is also one non-Disney song that I’ve heard during the races both times i’ve run. Its simple…and obvious…but oh so true.  “Don’t Stop Believin”

How ya feeling fellow disney runners?  Are you ready?  Because in just 49 days… You Can Fly!


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