42 days to 42 miles / time to trot

Well here we are…just six weeks until the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.

In other words, just 42 days until I tackle 42(.4) miles at one of my favorite places.

But first, I have one race left in 2016.  Tomorrow is the Attleboro Gobble Wobble 5k, aka Turkey Vision Quest! ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿฆƒ

I’ve spent the past month or so running all kinds of speed work, training for what hopefully will be a 5k PR, or an Age Group top 3… or maybe both!  I know i’ve done the work and I know that all I can do now is just go out there and run my best.

As of right now, forecast is calling for 33 degrees and the chance of rain has dropped (yay!).  We all know that cold = faster, so hoping that helps.  And i’m going to do something I haven’t done in ages – race with music.  I’ve made a playlist of my fastest running songs and hoping they help. ๐ŸŽง

As far as Disney Training?  Just six weeks to go means we’ve got some L O N G runs coming up….like an 18 and two 20’s.   And no matter how many of them I do, they always seem sort of daunting. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

For my readers joining me at Mickey’s in January…how are you all doing?  I’m sure your training is going awesome – and now its time to really get your ducks in row about the rest of your trip.

This week’s planning tips? If you haven’t already…make sure you get these SIX things done soon!

  • Park tickets – GET YOUR TICKETS.  Because until you do..you can’t complete some of the other items on this list (like fast passes….)
  • Magic bands – if you’re staying on property, make sure you’ve made your color selection.  Because they will ship soon (yay!).  I’m kind of bummed that we’ll just miss out on the new design.  But that will be something to look forward to next time.  I’m just excited i’ll finally get a purple one!
  • Restaurant reservations – Run all the miles…eat all the food!  And reservations go quickly, so if you’re planning to dine sit down, get those booked.  My marathon weekend favorite is actually the Hoop De Doo Revue.  Unlimited food, beer & sangria and its SO good.  Its totally food allergy friendly too – the gluten free cornbread and dessert are AH-mazing.
  • Magical Express – are you in need of a lift from the airport and staying on property?  Book your magical express.  Its a great easy way to get there…its free..and you get to watch cartoons & park highlights during the ride.  I’ve used it my past two trips and its so easy.
  • Fast passes – these go even faster than dinner reservations.  If you’ve got a must see / must do, get it booked.  You get three a day to start, so choose wisely.  And a reminder if you’re park hopping, all three need to be in the same park.
  • My Disney Experience app – got an iPhone?  Make sure your app is downloaded.  It will be your best friend race weekend.  Access to your reservations (both food & ride), has maps of the parks, photopass spots, character locations and the most important?  Wait times!  Curious how long the line is at Peter Pan before you head over?  Want to know if Frozen is still a 2 hour wait? Its all in your hand.

Hope that all helps!  And wish me luck tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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