Lucky 21…days to marathon weekend!

So it’s three weeks to the Walt Disney World marathon weekend.

And all anyone can say is Dude, where’s my waiver! 

Yes, we usually have them by now…but then again the races are usually sold out long before now.   Plus they only recently opened up the half-marathon spots. And, the charities had until the 13th to fill their spots (or so I’ve heard). So, this year took longer. 

But, it’s 21 days to go. And that’s lucky right? So please, with all that is magic and wonder, may we have them today?!!?

It’s just that getting your waiver and bib number and corral assignment gives you a chance to coordinate with friends and family. And know if you really can make that 9:30 fast pass for Soarin after the half-marathon. Lol

Anyhoo…how’s everyone’s training going?

I did the first of my 20 milers on Sunday. And let me tell ya, it was a challenge!

I’d been sick for a few days and missed a couple short runs, plus it was… NINE degrees here Sunday morning.  Yep… 9. 

But we are runners. We are strong. We are fierce. We are Goofy! (Or maybe Dopey). And we run what we have to. 

So I layered up (thank goodness for polartech fleece), filled my pocket with tissues and cough drops and got it done. 

And had my own little trip through Animal Kingdom. We have a park in town with a zoo. And as I looped through it, the white lion was talkative. Got to hear him roar a few times – so cool! That alone made it worthwhile. 🙂

Isn’t he handsome?

Felt like a total warrior princess when I finished. 😀 And really hoping my next 20 will be warmer!

So now on to this week’s race tips. Three week mark, three suggestions for a lucky race. 

  • Pack your sneakers in your carry on. I usually carry on my race outfits too. Just…in case. They can lose my bathing suit, but not my sparkle skirts! 
  • Have a lucky charm to carry on course. Could be a lucky penny or a note from your hunny. Something that will lift your spirits when it gets tough out there. 
  • When you stand at the start line,  visualize the finish line. Picture yourself smiling as you cross. And you undoubtedly will! 

Hope you all have a great week of training, and wishing us all corral luck!


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