Freaking groundhog!

So, yeah, I know,  Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t actually have magic powers. And that whatever the little hairball says…there are still six calendar weeks of winter left. 

But dang! Dude sees his shadow and BAM – all the snow!! 

Like close to a foot and a half on Thursday, followed by more snow Sunday / Monday. Not funny Phil. 

So what’s a runner to do? Basically it comes down to yaktrax and treadmill. And which to use?

I got lucky…I got to work from home Thursday which meant I was able to run outside early and finish as the first flakes fell. πŸ™‚ 

And fell. And fell.  Like…this was 5pm.

I know Gus…I don’t like it either. Lol

The good news is, after MONTHS of trying to get an electrician to come install a new outlet in “the dungeon” aka our basement/home gym, we finally got one!!

So Saturday morning as I stared out at this – 

thinking about what was coming Sunday in addition and how I was gonna get in my long run, I finally ordered a treadmill!

I had tested several and wanted the best I could get for a reasonable price tag. Because too good and I’d feel guilty running outside. But not good enough and I’d grumble running inside. We ended up this this…

The Sole F80. And I’ve heard from other owners I will love it. Yay!

But…as it won’t arrive for 10-14 days, that meant I had to run outside Sunday.  I knew the main roads wouldn’t be safe (no shoulders and drivers that love to double the speed limit) and my sidewalks didn’t look too bad, so I headed out for “at least 10. Maybe 12”

On a 1.05 mile loop. On snow. Wearing yaktrax. In the cold. And yet, it wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. And somewhere around mile 11 I realized I was going to run 13.1. 

Because I still hadn’t “made up” the Disney half. And at that moment, it seemed the right day for it. And while it was slower than I would have been that day, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was I got it done. With a little help from all my favorite accessories. 

Oh, and I impressed a neighbor. She saw me at mile 3 and then at mile 9 and asked “you still out here?” I told her I was most of the way into a 12-mile run. Her reply “you run marathons don’t you”. I grinned and replied “why yes. I do run marathons” πŸ˜€

So whether you chose treadmill or ‘trax…have fun, be safe and hang in there. Spring is coming. Eventually. πŸ˜‰


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