Legend of the falls

They say it’s that last run that gets ya, and it’s totally true.  Although it’s not like I was doing perfect before it.

Sunday was my second attempt at skiing.

 This time we went to a larger mountain – Gore Mountain up in the Adirondacks. 

We knew it would be kinda busy, since it was a holiday weekend and there aren’t many other options near it, but wow. By the time we left cars were parked nearly a mile down the road. (Okay, I’m sorry, but I don’t care how bad I wanted to ski, if I had to lug equipment a mile to fight crowds, I’d probably not do it.)

But despite the crowds I got lucky. I ended up with a private lesson. Because I was apparently the only person who was neither “first day on skis” nor “experienced”. 

It was nice having the one on one attention, but also intimidating. Because quite frankly, I was terrified and basically clueless. 

My instructor was fantastic tho. (And side note – went to high school with my aunt. Small world.). I laid it all out for him – my nerves, my lack of confidence, my lack of experience. And he went over everything in great details. 

Our goal was to get me comfortable with turning and stopping. And to get me to build up some speed.  

My first trip down the small slope I felt like a complete idiot. And after literally crashing into a small group of students waiting for the lift, realized that learning to ski meant having to completely let go of your pride and to have total faith in your instructor. 

He certainly had more faith in me than I did. And somehow he not only had me actually skiing, but by the end of the lesson, skiing on the slightly steeper hill, successfully connecting a series of turns and stopping without a “human wall” lol  

And…he told my husband I was doing well enough that I could totally handle the longer easy trail.  Mistake. Big mistake. 

We took a quick snack break and then…my first time ever in a chair lift.  

I hate heights. Especially open air heights. And yet, I think I was more terrified of skiing that heights. So I was oddly fine in the lift. πŸ™‚

Until we got to the top of the Lower Sunway. And I looked down. At a slope way steeper than I expected. And I froze. 

This is where I give a GIANT shout out to my amazing husband. Who has unlimited patience and somehow got this freaked out rookie to the bottom. It wasn’t pretty. And it wasn’t 100% skiing. But he got me to the bottom. One section at a time.  And even let me take a ski selfie. 

There were parts I fell. There were parts I just took off my skis and just slid down. There were parts I walked. 

It reminded me of running. And sometimes when you’re tired and hot and everything hurts, you do what you have to do. You walk the hills. And sometimes the flats. And you just know the only way to the end is to just keep moving. 

So I did. And then….I got stuck. Quite literally stuck. 

See I had been warned to avoid the right side because there was a drop off. And so I was hugging the left side. And there was one spot where I turned left to stop. And between my tired legs and the now slushier snow (48 in feb? In the mountains? Really?!!?) I didn’t stop. 

The trees stopped me. With my legs crossed and my feet buried under a LOT of wet heavy snow. I was also twisted to a point where I couldn’t get my ski off. I also couldn’t pull myself out. 

Like Winnie the Pooh at Rabbit’s house, I was trapped. And yet, I had to laugh. Especially when my husband hoisted me out of the snow and a snowball the size of my head came out too. I was all “see – that’s why I couldn’t get out”

He just kinda shook his head at me. “That was quite the fall babe” yeah…legendary. 

Soon we got down to the “easy part” I had skied on during my lesson. But even now I said to him “any confidence I had before is completely gone. I can’t even ski this”

But I did. I sucked it up and remembered what I’d been taught and started down with some graceful turns. Until that little kid cut me off. And once more, I fell. Ungh. But I got up and finished. 

And we called it a day. My husband asked me later if I would ever ski again. And I said yes. But that it would definitely involve another lesson and the easy slopes. “I’m not ready for the big leagues babe. I’m barely triple-A right now” 

But I don’t quit just because something is hard (and leaves spectacular aches and bruises). I keep fighting until it gets easier. πŸ™‚

Plus…I LOVE apres ski!

I think we’re done for the year tho. Marathon training is ramping up (Maine Coast I’m coming for you!) and I can’t risk a skiing injury. But I’ll be back. With, I’m sure, another Legend of the Falls. πŸ™‚


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