March Forth!

Well folks, it’s March. And you know what that means?

It means off-season is completely officially over. O V A H, over. šŸ˜‰ Time to get back to work and start training for all my races. 

No more skiing. No more skipping long runs. No more extra glass of wine on a Saturday night. No more excuses. 

Of course, I do have a race in four days that I’m feeling hideously undertrained for. But I’ll consider it my baseline half and then see how I improve from there.  So if you see me at the Ocean’s Run Half in Westerly RI on Sunday (and I’ll be hard to miss…I’ve got a great outfit planned!) say hi, but don’t expect me to fly. šŸ™‚

I do have some good news tho – on March 4th my new treadmill will arrive. (Sure, now that spring seems to have as well. Lol) and while I will likely still run outside a lot, I think the treadmill (omg I so need to come up with a name for her) will be great for speedwork and hill training. And both running AND watching walking dead on Monday mornings. šŸ˜€

Which is good – because it’s only 10 1/2 weeks to marathon #12. And I will be prepared for Maine Coast. 

I did get in a 14 mile run on Sunday. Which, while it felt slow and a little rough, actually turned out to be a decent average pace. Probably because I had some good splits and a way faster second half. 

You see, I have a dream…I’d like Maine to be my second sub 4:30 marathon. I don’t know that I can PR it (I still think my marathon PR was just an amazing dream) but I am certainly going to work hard and try my best. 

For now… spring training is fully underway. In spring weather. I mean I actually ran in a tshirt this morning. Does that mean March is coming in like a lamb? And should I be worried for late March? Tho I won’t…because you can run an 18 miler on a treadmill right? 

Either way…ever forward. 


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