Weather Jinx

As I sit here five days out from the Adirondack marathon with too much time on my hands and therefore lots of time to think, I realized something.

My marathon weather has well and truly sucked this year. 3 marathons – all different kinds of bad weather.

Does mother nature hate me?

Lets review…

January – Disney marathon
30 degrees at the start. In Florida. Ummm what??? Granted it did eventually (like like 3 hours in) warm up to 50. But still…was NOT prepared for that. See how cold I look?

May – Maine Coast marathon
Nor’easter. 43 at the start. Torrential downpours. And crazy winds. Gheesh…. nothing like looking like a drowned rat in all your photos. LOL

September – Adirondack marathon.
Fall. In the mountains. And look… actually don’t look because every time I DO look it goes up. And I just can’t deal.

But I have no choice. Other than to suck it up and get through it. At least it’s not going to be windy. 

My friend said I might need to adjust my goals. I said yeah, if it gets that bad i’m just gonna walk and sing Disney tunes.

Thank goodness there’s a lake to dive into at the end. Which is nice. 

So wish me luck folks….i’m gonna need it! ūüôā


Does mother nature hate runners?

Because seriously – i’m feeling like she’s out to get me.

Is she drunk? Feeling mean-spirited? ¬†Was the full moon affecting her?¬†Because this whole 50’s during the week followed by sub-zero windchills on the weekend for two weeks is just total BS.

I do appreciate that I have at least been able to run outside a couple times in the past two weeks.  I just wish that one of them had been a long run.

Yes, for the second Sunday in a row, it was netflix & ‘mill. ¬†Because if I¬†wasn’t going to run in -3 for a medal, I sure as heck wasn’t going to do it for nothing.

And can I just say how mentally challenging it is to run 14 miles on a treadmill? In a row… I¬†mean sure, 14 miles total is no biggie if its over oh…four days. LOL ¬†But 14 all at once? ¬†There’s no tv show in the world good enough to get you through that.

At mile 5 I started the calculations…the old well, since i’m running slower, then if I run by time versus distance I really only need to run x many miles to have the same effect. ¬†#runnermath At some point I decided even 10 miles would be enough…as long as I readded those 4 miles back in somewhere else so I still reached my weekly goal. ¬†#runnerlogic

I think it was around mile 8 1/2, when I grabbed a bottle of water, dropped in a nuun tablet and headed back down to the ‘gym’ that I realized that come hell or high water I was getting in that 14. ¬†Even if I¬†had to walk. ¬†Because there was leftover pizza in the fridge and I¬†was going to earn it. #runnerpride

And somehow…I did. ¬†Speed intervals, hill intervals, strategic walk breaks, another episode of Ultimate Beastmaster…whatever it took to keep the mind and legs moving. ¬†It wasn’t pretty, but it was done. And sometimes that’s all that matters.

Of course…yesterday we got SNOW. ¬†Fortunately not as much as they predicted but still…its going to be a few more days before it clears enough for outside running. ¬†And oh look – more snow in the forecast for the weekend.

I so would prefer not having to do yet another long run on the treadmill…. anyone know how we can bribe mother nature into playing nice this weekend? ¬†Maybe if we give her enough green beer Friday night she’ll sleep late and I¬†can get out early Saturday. ¬†LOL

Of course, i’m not just thinking about me. ¬†Because there are oh, thousands of runners all getting ready for the Boston marathon that need their long runs too! ¬†And I know from experience that training in the cold and then having it warm on race day makes the race a little harder. ¬†So please mother nature…for all my fellow unicorns. ¬†Can we just have one nice weekend????? ¬†Or at least move along to April. ¬†I’m so over March.