OMG – its 10 weeks to Dopey

Ummmm….. how is it only 10 weeks?   I’m suddenly feeling horribly behind in my training.  LOL And yet super excited!!!

Then again – I DID run 12 miles on Sunday.  So I guess not really.  And by run, I mean R U N.

Like – not as fast as my last pre-injury long run.  But, pretty close.  Negative splits, sub-10 minute miles and my stride was back to normal.  I know, I know, it sounds silly. But when it takes you over 8 weeks to recover from an injury – you savor every achievement on the road back.  And while I know that I won’t be quite as prepared as I was for my first Dopey, I know i’ll still ‘finish in the upright position’.  (Likely with a sangria in hand again.)

But anyway… being only 10 weeks out, means its time for the countdown lists to start!

So….here are my top 10 favorite things about running Disney.

10. Its Florida.  In January.  And even tho it was Boston cold this past January, that was a fluke and its bound to be really nice for 2019.  Or at least nice enough to be walking around with no coat.

9. The monorail.  Something about boarding the monorail at 3am with a bunch of other lunatics in costume to go run 13.1 or 26.2 miles is magical.  Its a great reason to stay at a monorail resort.  I know the buses are fine too…but the monorail…its even better.  It feels more Disney.

8. Gran Marnier Slushies.  There is only one place on earth i’ve seen them…at that little kiosk in France at Epcot.  And they really should come in a bigger glass. But they are SO amazing.  (and side note – also right on the course during the marathon)

7. Spending the days at the parks.  I know some people don’t ‘party in the parks’ when they run Disney.  And I have definitely spent less time in them as the years have gone by (gotta somewhat rest the legs). But…its DISNEY!  I can’t be near the parks and not IN the parks.  So, we Run, Park Hop, Repeat.  🙂

6. The Merchandise.  OMG I need that pint glass.  And that magnet.  And the ‘I did it’ shirt.  And the Alex and Ani bracelet and the Dooney purse and…. well, pretty much one of everything.   Because ya gotta show off what you’ve achieved.

5. Congratulating other runners.  Whether its spotting the KT tape on the back of their legs or the medal around their neck…during marathon weekend you see runners EVERYWHERE.  And no matter if its the 5k or the Dopey, we’ve all earned it and its so fun to acknowledge each other. Whether a nod and smile or a quick – nice job out there.  It just makes the weekend extra special.

4. Getting to run in costume.  I mean sure, I dress in sparkle skirts and stuff for other races.  But only at Disney have I run 13.1 (and 6.2) miles in Minnie Mouse ears. Or a marathon with horns.  Planning my costumes for each year is SO much fun.  Its so hard to choose just 4.  But yes, I have them already planned for January.  And they are going to be SO cute!!

3. The shirts.  My husband said to me this week, while doing laundry (isn’t he the best?), don’t you own any other shirts?  I said, not this time of year.  Long sleeve days are Disney shirt days. They are just SO comfortable.  Plus, its Mickey, and Minnie and Donald and Goofy and Dopey.  And I have four years worth of them.

2. The medals!!!  They are big and shiny and pretty and sparkly and legit the heaviest ones I have.  I love each and every one of them.  And I know, you thought this would be number one right?  Its close… but there is something even better.

1. Getting to spend time with family.  Like my perfectly Dopey brother.  He’s the only one i’ve run 4 marathons (soon to be 5) with.  (He did one alone…. LOL) And my nephew who loves the 5k’s and 10k’s (January will be his second 10k).  There’s no one i’d rather run Disney, or celebrate after at the parks, with.

So fellow Dopeys, Goofys and other disney runners… what is YOUR favorite thing about running Disney?


Let’s Get Goofy – Top 9 Things I love about Running Disney

With just 9 weeks to go until Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, I can’t help but get excited.

Yep, 9 weeks from today i’ll fly down to the most wonderful place on earth and meet my family so that my brother can run his fourth straight (perfectly) Dopey.  And i’ll tackle not only my third (and second in a row) Goofy, but this year i’m adding the 5k too.

Hmmm…so i’m somewhere between Goofy & Dopey.  What exactly does that make me? I gotta think on that.  🙂 Some level of crazy for sure!

Training is officially underway now.  I have my characters selected and my costumes almost together.  I have my packing list started.  We have all our dining reservations made (can’t wait for that Hoop De Doo gluten free cornbread!) and in a few days, will book the ever important fast passes (to Frozen, or not to Frozen..that is the question).

There are SO many things I love about running Disney…and in honor of this 9 week mark, i’ve decided to share my top 9 with you.  So here goes.

9. The other runners.  What an amazing group of like-minded people.  You will make new friends every mile.

8. The course.  Running through the parks, with no other guests but the runners. It has a magic all its own.

7. The costumes. Where else is it perfectly acceptable to run dressed as your favorite characters?  And some people are SO creative.  Ever year I continue to be amazed.  And try to up my game.

6. The cast members.  The golfers with the crocodile (OMG so scary!). The movie director in Hollywood Studios (love hearing that same bad joke every time).  There is entertainment EVERYWHERE you look.

5. The chocolate and gummies at mile 23-ish.  You’re coming through the back of Hollywood Studios and you’re tired.  And that little piece of chocolate is the MOST delicious thing you have ever eaten.  EVER.

4. The Gospel Choir.  You’re almost there…its been an emotional morning and hear the singing. And as you go past in your quest to finish, you can’t help but do so with a smile and a spring in your step.

3. Kicking a squirrel during the marathon last year.  In Epcot.  Near Mexico.  He (she?) crossed against traffic.  LOL (see my race recap blog for details…)

2. High-fiving Minnie Mouse at the finish line.  Totally made my day.

1. Turning the corner onto main street, seeing the castle all lit up in its holiday finest, like a beacon of hope and happiness, while hundreds of screaming fans cheer you on.  Its Disney Magic.

And the Bonus? Getting to run with my brother. He’s my favorite Disney character.

Okay…are we there yet?  Because i’m not sure I can wait 9 more weeks… except yeah, there’s that little matter of training to attend to.

Because miles of 39.3 or 48.6 or whatever combo you do is no joke….but it is however Goofy, Dopey and just plain fun.