Dopey 2019 – 9 weeks to go!

Okay – did anyone see where this week went?  How is it blog day again.  LOL

It was actually a pretty good week.  I got in some awesome runs, hosted an 80th birthday party and saw the most amazing sunrise (or should I say sunrise) yesterday morning.  That is my favorite part about daylight savings time – getting to run in the morning before work again.  YAY!

I’ve got a half-marathon coming this Sunday and i’m feeling really ready for it.  I know i’m going to do WAY better than my last one, so i’m kind of excited.

Know what else i’m excited about?  That its only 63 days to Dopey!!!!  I had friends down there for Wine & Dine race weekend and while it was fun following their adventures, I wanna go have my own.

And thinking of those adventures….Here are my 9 favorite things at Disney!

9. Tofu Bowls from S’atuli Canteen. Disney is a master at food allergies and preferences. And this celiac vegetarian does well in the parks. But this? I still remember exactly how it tastes. Plus there’s blue sangria!!

8. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. (The wedway) Not only is it a great place for a quick nap during marathon weekend – lol – it’s just a relaxing inside look at Tomorrowland.

7. Kilimanjaro Safari. I’m all about the critters. And you never know which ones you’ll see. And while love me some Simba, getting to see baby Stella was a highlight.

6. Journey into Imagination. Figment is my spirit animal. I mean I even dressed like him for the marathon in January. It’s just a really cute ride with a fun area to explore at the end.

5. Haunted Mansion. Despite of (or maybe because of) being on this ride as a kid when it was struck by lightning, I love this ride. It’s delightfully spooky and the cast members are awesome (one once followed me until I realized it and shrieked lol). It’s…haunting 🙂

4. Rock n Roller Coaster. It’s fast, it’s fierce, it ROCKS. It’s Aerosmith and neon and just a darn good time. Plus it usually results in hilarious photos from “take off”

3. Gran Marnier Slushies.  Yeah, i know, i mentioned these last week.  But…they are amazeballs.  So freaking delicious.  And its one thing I always look forward to.

2. Flight of Passage.  This ride is just….. WOW.  I was lucky enough to ride it twice in January and its such an amazing adrenaline rush and feast for the senses.  I could ride it all day.

1. The 3:00 parade at Magic Kingdom. I dare you not to wave back to the characters as they go by. The characters, the pageantry, the music, the floats, the dancing. It’s all the feels. And it makes me happy.

Hello Eugene… lol

So my fellow Disney runners – what’s yours? Food, ride or experience? What makes you feel like a kid again.


Ten weeks to Dopey – and my 10 favorite rides

Omg omg omg…It’s 10 weeks to the Dopey Challenge!!!!!!

Let’s see…10 weeks from today is expo day. And 10 days from today is fastpass day. So, in tribute to both, let’s talk about my 10 favorite rides at Disney World.

First – quick training update. Got in 12 miles Sunday and 5 miles Monday. Both at paces I’m quite pleased with. Oh, and I got a selfie with Halloween Mickey at the end. Lol

Because when you train for running Disney…you include as much Disney as possible. Shirts, headbands, visors, photo ops. 😂

I know some of my fellow Dopeys are following a different plan that has them higher mileage right now…but the one I have works for me, or at least has for my last few marathons and marathon weekends, so I’m sticking with it.

So…since I didn’t have to run 17 miles this weekend, it meant I had time to start thinking about those fastpasses that will get booked in 10 days. And what rides I’ll need them for and what rides either don’t need them or are worth standing in line for.

And I made a list of my 10 favorites. My absolute must do rides. Here they are, in no particular order. And, why I love them.

  • Wedway People Mover – yeah, I know it’s know the “Tomorrowland Transportation Authority” now, but as the Boston Garden will always be the Boston Garden, so will this always be the Wedway People Mover.  Its relaxing, its fun, its great for napping the day of the half marathon and I love the view of people on Space Mountain.  Speaking of space mountain….
  • Space Mountain – One of the first roller coasters I ever rode.  And always a favorite. Its sci-fi, its dark, and even after countless rides I STILL duck.  And it will always be the ride that my brother & I rode like four times in a row because it was raining and there was no line and we could get off, through and back up to the start in like two minutes.
  • Haunted Mansion – I L O V E the Haunted Mansion.  I’m not even 100% sure why.  But its charming and spooky at the same time.  I love the ballroom dancing ghosts, and the puns on the headstones. And the cast member who snuck up behind me and made me shriek. 🙂 Its also the ride where I sat in front of an open tomb for 15 minutes while the “ghosts wreaked havoc up ahead” because it was struck by lightning while I was on it.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Still spooky.  The dark queue to get to the boat, the drop in the pitch darkness, the smells, the rowdy pirates.  I feel like a kid again any time i’m on it.  It makes me smile.
  • Expedition Everest – I could ride this all day.  And while I have yet to actually stop during the marathon to ride it (considered it tho), its one of the few long lines i’ll stand in without a fastpass, because its awesome.  It goes SO high up you can see forever, the Yeti is awesome (I always roar back) and it just makes your heart race in the best way.
  • Kilimanjaro Safari – One word, critters!  I am such an animal lover and getting the chance to see them up close (Giraffic Jam anyone?) is always great.  Every ride is different – and this year I even got to see baby Stella (the elephant).  This is another one I could ride over and over.
  • Rock & Roller Coaster – Aerosmith, zero to sixty, rock and roll.  Its fast, its fun, its loud.  Its dark and neon and SUCH a rush.  I’m always a little bit shaky when I get off the ride.  LOL
  • Tower of Terror – The ride I love to hate. The building is awesome, the Twilight Zone video is great and the reason I watch it. The cast members who really get into character?  Creepy cool.  But the drops.  I HATE the drops. I’m usually screaming my head off while trying to hold onto something, anything, for dear life.  And yet, still I ride it.
  • Spaceship Earth – Its relaxing, its informative, its just….cool. I know some people find it boring, but its a look through history and there’s SO much to see and I just sit there in awe soaking it all in.  How do they make it smell old? or like campfire?  Disney magic…
  • Journey into Imagination – Figment.  I have loved that little purple rascal since the very first time I saw him.  He’s mischief and goofy and lighthearted.  Figment just wants to have fun.  And while the current version of the ride is great (doesn’t everyone sing along with the song?), I miss Dreamfinder.

Do you hve an absolute favorite? What’s first in your fastpass list?

And to all my fellow Dopeys, keep up the great training!