Hello October…

I know, its been a while, eh?

Sorry – I got some major writers block (and runners block) and needed a break.  I just hadn’t meant to take a six-month one.  Oops.

So…how’s everyone’s 2019 going?

Mine’s been good… mostly. LOL   Running hasn’t been my friend this year.  I have been dealing with a myriad of minor injuries and just mentally struggling.  I went from knocking out miles to wondering WHY 10 miles suddenly got hard.

My May marathon didn’t go as planned – but still turned out great.  I hit a wall around mile 13 and was dealing with a wonky leg and ended up run/walking (1/4-1/2 mile intervals) the second half.  I still finished in 4:38 which is a great finish for me.  But walking so much was mentally defeating.    I know there’s people who LOVE the run/walk method.  But i’m not one of them.  I really only do intervals when injured, or running speedwork.

So…between the mental struggle and the physical struggle I decided to take a bit of a distance break this year.  I opted out on my planned ultra and I focused on shorter races and events where friends were running.  I needed company more than I needed miles.

Oh – and I GOT A DOG!  THAT…was totally the highlight of my year.  For those of you who only read my blog and aren’t a social media follower – meet Mugsy.IMG_9131.jpg

Mugsy is a border terrier.  He’s got a bit of a split personality disorder – goes from snuggle bunny to baby stark in a heartbeat.  LOL   But he’s my heart and I love him.  He turns 5 months old tomorrow.

Mugsy recently graduated from puppy kindergarten and is starting ‘middle school’ next week.  He can sit, shake, lie down, crawl, stay (somewhat), identify specific toys, fetch and run through an agility tunnel like he was born for it.

Its going to be SO much fun helping my boy discover all his talents.  But for now…lets just hope we all survive TEETHING.

But…its October.  And i’m building back the miles (hit 100 last month – woohoo!) and have a couple of races coming up.   First up – this Sunday is Ocean Road 10k.

I’m really excited for Ocean Road.  This will be my 3rd time at this one.  2017 I ran it with my sole sister Karen and 2018 with my pirate posse.  This year, i’m #teammermaid and I have a shirt even more epic than last year’s pirate hamster.  (If you give a girl a cricut she will create…)  I’m looking forward to my girl’s night out and running my own race this time.

I’m also a little nervous about my first night away from Mugsy. But he’s got a momma who likes to travel for races and Dopey will be here in ONE HUNDRED DAYS so he needs to get used to it.  This is a good test to see if he’ll be fine with Daddy.  LOL  (I picture them on the couch with popcorn and car shows on tv)

Well…my boy is bored, so i gotta go.  But don’t worry – i’ll be back next week with an update on both my race and boys night in.  🙂



Something’s gotta give

When life gets in the way, something has to give…

My marathon fell smack dab in the middle of my two busiest weeks of work in I don’t remember how long. Which means taper and racing and recovery all fell at oh, a really bad time.

Trying to fit life into your life isn’t always easy. And sometimes, something has to give. In my case…it was my blog.

For two weeks I’ve just been too exhausted to be creative. So my apologies to all of you.

I mean on one hand, it was nice that taper week coincided with 10 hour work days because I didn’t stress over not being able to get in runs. Lol But it also led to less relaxing than I wanted.

And last week, due to post-marathon brain and continued work crazies, I just didn’t have the brain power to write my race recap from Vermont City. I’ve tried to start it a few times…but it’s just not coming together.

This week, I’m finally getting my groove back and the creative juices are flowing once more.

I will try to get my recap done. But if I don’t – I’ll just say this…

The Vermont City marathon was freaking awesome. It was the most fun I’ve had in a non-Disney marathon. And I would run it again in a heartbeat. Amazing crowd support, gorgeous views and just a great upbeat vibe. I ran to all with a smile on my face and a spring in my step – even during the hard final miles.

I’m resetting now. Work is calming down. And I’m back relaxing, running, training and blogging.

Hope you’re all also finding how to fit life into your life. And that whatever has had to give, comes back to you as well.