How far I’ll go…

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me. 

It always has….but it wasn’t until this week when I finally watched Moana, that the lyrics sunk in. 

I mean, you’d think a fiery Aries would be all desert and sun. But this one? Loves the water. Well, looking at it anyway. Sitting on the sand, staring at the line on the horizon. Wondering what lies beyond. And who might be doing the same from a shore on the other side. 

And of course now that I’ve seen Moana and fallen in love with the animation and the music and this wild-haired, strong-willed, “not a princess”, I think I’ve found my Disney marathon costume. 

Because, we’re in the time between dining reservations and fast pass reservations, where we Disney runners run all the miles and plan all the costumes. 

I had 3 of the 4 I’ll need picked out (subject to change of course), but couldn’t finalize the 4th. The marathon costume. 

Last year I was my other favorite curly-haired, strong princess. Merida. And she will always be one of my favorite running costumes. 

I had already picked Ariel for my half outfit. Because she and I were teenagers at the same time. And I totally identified with her longing for something more and her love of the sea.  🐠 And while I have run as her before, 

I have a better skirt now (lol) and need to be her again. 

For my “marathon princess” I was leaning toward Snow White, because well, I’m running Dopey, I am currently brunette and I love animals. 🐇 But I wasn’t sold on it. 

And now I know why. Because Moana was waiting for me to discover her.

She’s just badass. And, as a friend pointed out, Moana and Ariel are “sisters of the sea”. 🌊

So, it’s perfect. 😁

Because how far I’ll go…will be 48.6 miles. 

That’s odd…

So I’ve spent the week trying to find a half-marathon in the next couple months. Something to use as both a corral placement improver for Dopey and as a tune-up/time trial for Maine Coast. 

And as I sat at the table this morning with coffee in hand and a serious case of writers block, instead of blogging, I finally picked a race and registered. For the Ocean’s Run Half. 

One I’ve never done. But it promised flat and fast. Two of my favorite race words. Lol

It’s in March…and I noticed a pattern emerging. 

I seem to be picking all my races in odd months. January (Disney) March (Ocean), May (Maine), September (Adirondack). 

And I think this might be a fun add-on goal for this odd numbered year. Only race in odd numbered months!

So…that means July & November are options. Which actually, now that I think about it, works perfectly.

There’s a couple of 10k’s in July that I like and can choose from. And, I want another chance at that Thanskgiving 5k (turkey vision quest part 2 – the hunt for AG place continues). 

It also means – a heads up to my running friends – please don’t ask me to do races in April, June, August or October.  

Well, at least for now…we’ll see how this goal morphs during the year.  A runner reserves the right to change her mind if the right bling comes along. Lol

Oh and hey, even today is odd. Wednesday the 1st! (Let’s just ignore that it’s an even month.)

Happy February – and happy running!

Chicken of the sea

I love my dog. He’s the cutest little guy ever.

But he’s a big chicken. For some reason – he is afraid of the ocean.

We’ve taken him there before and he likes the beach – but get him to close to the water or seaweed and he is out of there! He also doesn’t care for the docks by the water in Plymouth. Totally freaks out. I’m guessing it’s a scent thing. Who knows what the sea smells like to someone with a highly sensitive nose. Or maybe it’s the sloshy sound that leaves him unsettled.

So I’m not entirely sure what we were thinking taking him to the Maine coast for a couple days.

Where we stayed there was a short footbridge over the harbor. He was on it all of 30 seconds before his feet planted, his tail went rigid and he tried to pull back the way we came. We did get him across but he kept trying to stay to the far edge of the bridge.

On the way back It actually got so bad I had to carry him part way. I told him it was embarrassing to both of us, but he didn’t care. He just wanted back on dry land. Needless to say – that was his last trip across. Lol

The next day we took him on a drive along the rocky shores. We parked by a small beach and put the windows down. Every time a wave rolled in he jumped. So much for my brave little terrier!

Then that afternoon he begrudgingly sat on my lap on a bench by the water to watch the parade of boats in the harbor. All was fine until the pirate ship fired their muskets. That did it. (See attached photo). We couldn’t even get him near the benches the next day.

I think he was starting to question our choice of vacation. Lol

So I think what I’ve learned is my boy is not a salty dog. And next time we head to the beach, he can stay home. Where it’s safe and dry and doesn’t move, slosh or smell funny. 🙂