Get me to the coast!

And pack me an umbrella….  its gonna be soggy.

Yes folks, my weather jinx on races continues.   The most positive thing I can think of right now is, well at least I won’t get heatstroke!  Because this?  Is comical! IMG_4399

Sure, its only Wednesday.  It can change.  And 40’s no problem. Rain? Eh, been there done that.  Wind?  Sure. But all together?  Its hilarious.  Does that really say 40mph wind gusts?

That should make for some impressive waves….just hoping none of them come crashing up over the sea wall.  Who know the race needed a “Warning: You May Get Wet” sign.

So sure….  this makes me rethink my outfit.  Because, really, isn’t that what taper is for?  You’ve done the work, you’ve got way more time on your hands and so your focus turns to clothing.  And race goals.  I’ve got three scenarios now.

Scenario 1.  Bought the tank oh, two months ago.  And the skirt to go with it.  Because, the race logo is a mermaid.  Plus May can be warm.  So channeling my inner Ariel.  Also, race goal with this outfit?  Potential PR.IMG_4401

Scenario 2.  Last week – watching the weather get colder.  Okay, 40’s can be fast.  Just gotta swap the tank for a tee shirt (boo!) and add some arm warmers.  Cuz we hafta sparkle.  Still, this is a FAST outfit.  And if the wind isn’t terrible, we can so break 4:30, if not PR.IMG_4402

Scenario 3.  Based on the weather posted above as of this morning?  Lets not melt…  I do have a purple jacket (I ran my 2nd marathon – also a drizzly cold mess – in it) but its oddly vanished.  If i can find it – i’ll swap it for the pink.  Because purple is always faster. Also, we may need to go hat over visor.  Dang.  IMG_4403

This one needs some work….  because I have a hunch its gonna be the one.

Come hell or high-water (which is a possibility. LOL) tho,  i am wearing the mermaid skirt.  Just might end up with pants under it.

But, no matter what…I WILL have fun.  And I WILL run my best. And I WILL have some good stories to tell.  Because one of the water stops is labeled “Sheep Farm” – how can that NOT be adorable.  And there are m&m’s at mile 25.  (woohoo!).

Maine Coast Marathon?  I’m coming for ya…give me your worst.  I got this!


Running in the rain

This weekend’s weather sucked. Especially for marathon training. 

I had two options…run my usual Sunday morning in potential 30 degrees, snow and 25 mph winds, or run Saturday in near 50, calm and chance of run. 

Obviously I chose Saturday.  And looking back, despite how absurd of a run it was, it was still the right choice as this was Sunday morning… 

 What is this…a belated April Fools Prank? No thanks!

It was nice when I started on Saturday. 48 and overcast but not yet raining. And I was just hoping to get in as many miles as I could before that changed. 

I got in 8. Of 20.1. 

I had two goals during my run…to go slow and easy and not take walk breaks. And to run as many hills as I could find. And I did both.  

Like my elevation chart? 

 I also hit those goals with squishy feet, cold hands and surprisingly, no blisters. 🙂

Here’s a few things I learned…

  • The larger the puddle you are about to encounter, the higher the probability there will be a car coming, forcing you into it. 
  • Opening a packet of gel is nearly impossible when you can’t feel your fingers. 
  • My favorite Red Sox hat is not waterproof.
  • My running buddy, however,  is. (My phone was the only thing dry post run)
  • Wet compression socks are best removed inside out. 
  • Smiling during miserable conditions make them less miserable. 
  • Humor is a valuable resource.  When I stopped at mile 16 to attempt to eat my gel, I was laughing so hard at just how ridiculous I must have looked. And so didn’t care what anyone who passed by would have thought in that moment. 

But the most important thing I learned? Running 20 miles in the rain makes you feel totally badass. 🙂

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!!