Confessions of a Running Metalhead

So this weekend, while sitting outside relaxing with the hubs and noticing that someone had read one of my blogs (yes, I check daily, and yes I LOVE my readers!), he said to me…

“You’re a really good writer, but you need to branch out on your topics. All you write about is running.”

So after I went all ‘Rudolph after Clarice tells him he’s cute’ (lol), I told him, okay, I will write about music this week. But as they say to write what you know… I am going to give you my top six favorite running songs. And why I love them.

People might be surprised that they are ALL metal. But its because a) I LOVE metal and b) you can’t run fast to a slow song. Its about trying to keep your feet to the beat. So make it a good one.

These songs make it onto ALL of my speed playlists – be it a 5k, half-marathon or just Thursday Sprintervals. They were there when I set my 5k PR (Turkey Vision Quest playlist) and kicked asphalt at the Blackstone Valley Half (2:01 or bust playlist). They are those songs that when I hear them when i’m not running, they make me wish I was running.

They are:

6. Ready to Rock – Airborne
Why? The lyrics start with “Went down to the crossroads, made a deal with the devil. Sold my soul for a guitar. Became a rock & roll rebel” Plus those O’Keefe brothers are mad talented. Love the whole Black Dog Barking album.  But this song? As it surges, so do I. I’ve put it on repeat before and run the whole time to it. Its fast and hard and my sub-8 mile pace song. Are you READY????

5. Electric Eye – Judas Priest
Why? Its fast. Its fun. I’m listening as I write this and can’t stop moving my foot. It moves.

4. Stand Up and Shout – Dio
Why? Cuz its Dio. And like the others on this list, starts out with a bang. And never slows down. Plus I love the lyrics. “You’ve got desire so let it out. You’ve got the power.” YES… So what if I lip-sync on the treadmill.

3. Riding on the Wind – Judas Priest
Why? Cuz its awesome. From drums to guitar to them together…. i’m just trying to keep up. And Rob’s vocals are spot on.

2. Death Alley Driver – Rainbow
Why? Ritchie freaking Blackmore. Because the song starts out setting a great uptempo beat. And the guitar solo mid-song just makes me smile. And push the pace even more. And the lyrics are SO running.. “You’ll never win the race, but you won’t give up the chase” resonate with this mid-packer.

1. Kickstart My Heart – Motley Crue
Why? That opening. This is my leadoff song for most races. It kicks in fast and hard early and just sets the groove. Guitar, to Drums (tommy sets a killer beat) to Vince’s just moves. And so do I.

So…. how many of you are itching to run right now? Or tapping your foot? LOL Who else is secretly a running metalhead? Are any of these on YOUR must list?

Rock on my friends…🀘🏻🀘🏻


Back to the ‘mill

Treadmill, dreadmill, rat wheel, hamster wheel, satan’s sidewalk…whatever you call it, it’s pretty much in all runners lives. 

Some love it. 😍 Because it sets your pace and you don’t need to worry about dealing with traffic and distractions. You can focus and run. πŸ™‚

Most hate it. 😩 Because it’s indoors and changes your stride and is immensely boring. ☹️

I consider it a necessary evil. 😈 I am so not a fan, but on a day when I must run, and being outside isn’t an option (rain, dark, oppressive heat, etc), it lets me. 

I have been incredibly fortunate to not be on one in so long that I don’t exactly remember the last time I used one. Hmmm… πŸ€” (June maybe?)

Until yesterday that is. 

Because it’s getting kinda dark 🌌 in the mornings and pretty soon my runrise πŸŒ„excursions will have to stop. 

And because…I wanna go fast. 🏎 And the treadmill is the easiest place to train for speed. 

Remember how I signed up for a turkey trot? πŸ¦ƒ Well…I kinda set a lofty goal of a 25 minute finish.  Not impossible (I’ve done it before), but it’s going to take some serious work to get back to my old paces of early 2015. 

So, while I had already gotten out for my morning run, I dusted off the pair of sneakers that have been waiting patiently all summer in my desk drawer, and took them to the gym. 

And. It. Was. Awesome.  

I ran a whole bunch of sprint intervals at goal 5k pace. And while it did make me realize how much work is gonna be involved in the next 8 weeks – I also scored a 27:51 5k time. Which is a great baseline to work from. 

So, the treadmill and I are gonna become frenemies again. Wish me luck!! 

Ps…it is now 99 days to Disney! #letsgetgoofy