Dopey 2019 – Medal Reveal

Signs of fall…. leaves changing, pumpkins, a chill in the morning air and Disney Medal Reveals!

I mean, not that I’ve spent a few days stalking the Disney Parks Blog or anything…but knowing they came out on September 20th last year, I may have been actively monitoring.  And when last week came and went, I had a pretty good hunch it would be yesterday.  Especially as i had a 2-hour work meeting…and figured THAT would be when they came out.  LOL   Of course, I was right.

And with every medal reveal, comes the comments… people love them, or hate them.  Some, aren’t sure.   Me?  I was not entirely sure at first, but they are growing on me.  Lets take a look.full set

As a Dopey runner – i’m getting everything but the one on the far right (The Castaway Cay Challenge one).  And I kinda can’t wait to hang them all on my new medal holder that I built.

As a whole, I like them. They all go together with similar elements and look like a set. Unlike prior years where some have been a unique shape or they all just didn’t flow, these “match”.

Let’s go through them one by one…with some pros and cons.

The 5k – Oswald the Lucky Rabbitoswald

This is the first time Oswald has made an appearance.  And while i’m bummed that Pluto was ‘demoted’ to a kids race medal, i’m definitely intrigued to have something so unique. And wonder if going forward the 5k will continue to change characters. (Maybe steamboat willie 2020?).  I do like the dark silver, which matches my 2017 5k medal.

Decision – Its okay. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it.  I just don’t know Oswald that well.

The 10k – Miss Minnie Mouse

My 2nd favorite of the four races and not just because i’ve been known to rock the dots a time or two.  I love this race’s course too.  Running on the boardwalk at sunrise is so pretty.

Decision – not as sparkly as last year, and fewer dots on the ribbon, but a great medal

The 1/2 marathon – Donald Duck

At least its round…  LOL Sorry, but the 20th anniversary X’s (which was also the race that wasn’t) were not my favorite.  This fits the theme and I like the blue.

Decision – its prettier than that final on ramp on course. 🙂

The marathon – Mickey Mouse

My friend asked..why so angry?  In his defense, that’s his “fierce focused face”  Haven’t we all looked like this running a marathon? LOL  Its mickey  It seems to have some sparkle.  And it spins.  Tho i’m curious what’s on the back side.

Decision – Again not as sparkly as last year, but better than some of my other disney marathon medals.  Its a win.

The Goofy – 39.3

It spins.  I think like a dial?  I don’t know…this is my 5th Goofy medal and i’ve definitely liked some of the others better.  Also, with it not having the stripes behind him like the other medals in the set, it doesn’t entirely match. (One of these things is not like the others.)

Decision – Sorry Goofy…i love you, but i’m not sure on your medal.

The Dopey – 48.6

This will be my 2nd Dopey medal.  And while last year was AH-mazing…this year is still a good solid medal.  Dopey looks adorable, i love the color of the metal itself (copper? rose gold?) and that there’s no stones that call fall off in transit. (I didn’t lose mine last year but apparently a lot of runners did)

Decision – Its cute! And his little armed raised in victory? That will be me. 🙂


Dopey training…sorta

So, I was supposed to officially kick off my training for the 2019 Dopey Challenge today.  And I did…sorta.

Its 18 weeks to Expo Day!  Plus, summer is unofficially over and it seemed like the perfect day to start training (especially as its the last day of my long-weekend vacation).

I had the thought a couple weeks back to start my training with a nice 13.1 mile run.  My body however, had other ideas.

Apparently what I thought was a charley-horse in my lower right leg during my last long run appears to be a little more serious.  And I kinda can’t run.  That whole heel-to-toe transition?  Not cooperating. Hmmph!

I took a week off running and just cross trained.  Then Sunday I decided to test it out. I was in one of my favorite places to run (hilton head island) and the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me.  So the hubs (who is suffering from a wicked bout of plantar fascitis) and I set out with the hopes of 3 miles.

We called it about 2.5, took off our sneakers, headed into the water and slowly splashed our way back to the hotel.  Almost in hysterics over how pathetic we are right now.  Its SO not funny, that its funny.

I know I shouldn’t even think about running again for another week (or two) and am doing all the stretching, icing and rolling I can.  I plan to walk this coming weekend’s 5k.  And am really hoping I can run by the end of the month for my 10k (and the half the following weekend).  But all eyes…are on Dopey.

So I decided to go out and do what I could.  I walked…. first a 10k, and then a 5k.  Both well-within Disney time limits.

The hardest part was not running.  I legit had to tell myself several times “NO.  Don’t even think about it” but I successfully made it all 9.3 miles without running.

And honestly? I’m actually still WAY ahead of where I was the first time I ran Disney.  That year I was on crutches until August 2nd, had to rebuild to walking first and then running, and yet I finished the Goofy Challenge that January. So its all perspective.

I know i’ll be back at it as soon as possible…and in the mean time, its just exciting to finally be OFFICIALLY training for the 2019 Dopey Challenge.  Let’s Get Dopey!

Sprinkler Season

Runners don’t just have four seasons…

Each “calendar season” can be split into even smaller ones.

Like fall has “leaf season” and “fleece season” and “Halloween decoration season”. And spring has “delayed Christmas decoration removal season” and “tulip season”. Sometimes they occur simultaneously.

Summer has one that I both love and hate – sprinkler season. And we are full on into it.

I’m at a point where I have about 4 loops that I alternate in the mornings. And I try to remember which days the sprinklers go off on each one. But I don’t always get it right.

Like last week I picked the wrong day to run my own street. It’s a perfect 1 mile loop, and sidewalks, so when all my neon shirts are dirty, or if I just don’t feel like dealing with cars, I run that.

But apparently Thursday is “every sprinkler on the loop goes off on a staggered schedule” day. And I was getting so annoyed that I had to keep going into the road around them. Remind me to not run that again this week. Lol

Then there was today. It was hot. And humid. And just SLIMY out. I was about halfway through mile three and cutting through a neighborhood when I saw a man adjusting his sprinklers. He aimed one at the sidewalk and I smiled. I ran through it, arms raised in victory with an oooh yeah! Which of course totally cracked him up. I turned and grinned a thanks.

The relief lasted all of 10 seconds. But it did help. 🙂 Because I was about 20 seconds faster the next mile.

I guess it’s all about the timing – and love them or hate them…we gotta deal with them. At least for now. But – school bus season will be back soon enough to replace it.

Dopey Challenge 2019…the return

Well, it’s official! I’m getting Dopey again. 😁

This past week registration FINALLY opened for Disney Marathon Weekend in January. Yay! So while I’ve known I was going to be Dopey again, it’s never official until you get that confirmation email.

I mean, hotel has been booked, dinner reservations were made a week before and both costumes and travel have been in the planning stages. But now, we’re good to go.

The big question is…when does training begin?

I mean I’m always “training”. But when do we hit the line of “in training”? Is it now? Is it September?

I suppose it depends on the training plan I end up following. Last year, I had a late September marathon, so it started the day after. But this year, nothing big on the horizon for fall – just a half or two. So…I think I’ll go with September 5th.

This summer is all about speed and short races…because it’s just too darn hot and humid for distance. Plus I’m too busy having fun. Lol

But September says fall, and cooler temps and time to buckle down and get serious. So…as soon as I’m back from my Labor Day weekend getaway, we’ll say goodbye to summer and hello to Dopey!

And no worries – I’ll blog my journey once again. 🙂❤🏃🏻‍♀️

Summer Fun

Who’s ready for summer?? Me!!!!

I’m ready for sunshine and Garmin tan lines and running in tank tops.

And I’m giving myself tons of opportunities to this summer.

Between now and the end of August I’ve got oh…2 10k’s, a 5k and a half-marathon. Plus two concerts and a wicked awesome vacation. 🙂

Races first…

  • BAA 10k – second leg of the distance medley and I’m ready for my next unicorn medal
  • Finish at the 50 5k – first time doing the 5 instead of the 10, but the hubs is running too (yay!). And I just love running out through the helmet onto the field.
  • Gansett Summer Run Festival 10k – one I’ve never done, but it looks SO fun. And my friend is running the 5k too. Plus I hear it’s a good after party.
  • Camp Chingachgook Challenge 1/2 – this was my first 10k ever. And I’m looking forward to trying the half – a gorgeous point to point race in the Adirondacks.

Race goals? Have fun. Run fast. Smile a lot 🙂

Concerts? I’m seeing Gov’t Mule and the Foo Fighters. First time for both and equally excited for both.

Vacation? Epic – Zion & Bryce National parks and Vegas, baby. Looking forward to hiking and running and relaxing. And warmth and sunshine and amazing scenery. (Don’t worry – I’m sure I’ll write a “vacation recap” blog. lol)

How about you all? Running anything good? Going anywhere Epic? Whatever you’ve got planned…I’m sure you’ll do great and have fun.

Something’s gotta give

When life gets in the way, something has to give…

My marathon fell smack dab in the middle of my two busiest weeks of work in I don’t remember how long. Which means taper and racing and recovery all fell at oh, a really bad time.

Trying to fit life into your life isn’t always easy. And sometimes, something has to give. In my case…it was my blog.

For two weeks I’ve just been too exhausted to be creative. So my apologies to all of you.

I mean on one hand, it was nice that taper week coincided with 10 hour work days because I didn’t stress over not being able to get in runs. Lol But it also led to less relaxing than I wanted.

And last week, due to post-marathon brain and continued work crazies, I just didn’t have the brain power to write my race recap from Vermont City. I’ve tried to start it a few times…but it’s just not coming together.

This week, I’m finally getting my groove back and the creative juices are flowing once more.

I will try to get my recap done. But if I don’t – I’ll just say this…

The Vermont City marathon was freaking awesome. It was the most fun I’ve had in a non-Disney marathon. And I would run it again in a heartbeat. Amazing crowd support, gorgeous views and just a great upbeat vibe. I ran to all with a smile on my face and a spring in my step – even during the hard final miles.

I’m resetting now. Work is calming down. And I’m back relaxing, running, training and blogging.

Hope you’re all also finding how to fit life into your life. And that whatever has had to give, comes back to you as well.

Be Present

Two simple little words that made a huge difference on Sunday.

Sunday was my last long run before the Vermont City marathon – a planned 22 miles. And I headed out early feeling calm and ready.

But, sometimes things don’t go quite as we plan and we end up needing a mantra to get us through. And sometimes that mantra finds us.

All was well until mile 10 when I stopped to pull my gel out of my pocket. And seeing a group of cyclists headed towards me ( knowing it could get dangerous if a car joined the mix on this narrow road), I opted to eat my gel there and wait for them to pass.

As soon as I started running again, everything felt tired and heavy. And the mind games started – you know…question everything.

I told myself it would get better. I told myself, just make it to 11 and see how you feel.

But I am an overthinker. In both life and running. I’m always planning ahead and then stressing over things that are like 2 months (or 5 miles) out.

I tried to calm myself with my usual “clear your head” “let it go” “just stop” kinda stuff. And I got to 11, then 13. And then, the my mind bounced around again.

I was thinking ahead to the next gel, and how far can I make it before I have to walk. And just generally worrying myself.

Then two words popped into my head. Be Present.

Just pay attention to where you are. Be in the mile you’re in. The rest will happen as it happens.

Stop and smell the lilacs. Bark back at the dogs. Watch the birds fly by.

Just be…

And I got to mile 16. And reminded myself again. And then to 18. At 18 I decided I was going to walk 1/4 mile so I could eat my chews. But after 1/10 of a mile I realized I didn’t need to walk and started running again.

To mile 19.25. Where again I was going to walk a 1/4 mile, but was fine with 1/10.

And I hit mile 20 feeling good. And ran all of mile 21, to actually a little past it. I took one last walk break of about .15. And then ran strong to finish at 22.02.

Looking at my watch I smiled. Because I realized that I if I can do this again in Burlington, I could walk the last four miles and still finish under 5 hours. Something even a month ago I wasn’t sure I could do.

I’m ready to taper. I’m feeling really good about the work I’ve put in. And I know, when I tow the start line in 11 days, I just need to remember to Be Present. 🙂