To race, or not to race…

Sometimes that’s a harder decision than you think. 

Those of you follow me know I was supposed to run the East Bay 1/2 on Sunday morning. 

It wasn’t a goal race, and it wasn’t something I’d originally planned to run. And here’s why….it started at 7am. Yeah, 7am. Plus, it was only three weeks since the Ultra. 

But…it was free. And I had a friend who was going to run. And it’s a fun course with a stadium finish. 

Yet, I was never completely sold on it. My paces are still a little sluggish and I’ve just been tired lately. 

So on Saturday afternoon when I realized my friend wasn’t going to run, and I wasn’t feeling 100% (I think I got mildly glutened. Ungh) and the weather forecast for race start was high-60’s and humid, I decided to bow out. 

Getting up at 5am on a Sunday to run a race that would be my slowest official half of the year? Nope. Not happening. 

Instead, I slept til 7, had a leisurely breakfast and headed out for a slow/easy 14 miles. 

Actually, it wasn’t THAT slow. Or that easy. Lol It was just long run pace, and averaged 10:14/mi. Which isn’t bad for 70’s and humid and sunny. And the hilliest route I could find. 

And – my mile 5 gel stop lined up perfectly with a scenic viewpoint. 

I know I made the right decision.  
Because it’s six weeks to my next marathon, and this no pressure hilly training run was more what I needed. Sometimes it’s more about the long-term goal, than the short-term bling. 

And sometimes you get a sign you were on the right path. Like noticing a 50k for the first time on a pole you’ve passed for years. 

Sometimes, you have to choose not to race.  🙂

Happy Monday my friends. And happy running!


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